The Four Fundamentals Of Landing Pages

Like any other aspect of online marketing, landing pages aren’t going to be any different. While they have a very slight learning curve, you’re still going to need to make sure that you focus on some of the essentials when it comes to building them. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the four most powerful fundamentals when it comes to creating efficient and effective landing pages for your online business.

Focus On Simple Landing Pages

Simple sells, you’ve probably heard this before, right? The reason why it’s such a popular phrase is that it’s very true, especially when it comes to landing pages. Nowadays, many landing page builders seem to be popular because they come along with some of the prettiest templates and themes. While all these bells and whistles might help companies make more sales, having spiffy templates aren’t always going to help YOU specifically make more sales.

So when you first get started using landing pages, make sure that you focus on simplicity. So what does that mean for you? It means that you don’t need to hire a digital marketing expert to make your landing pages look sparkly. What you need is a simple headline, benefit enriched copywriting, specific call to actions and even a high converting offer. These are the most important aspects of a landing page, so make sure that you focus on them first. Otherwise, you’re going to be focusing on details that don’t really help when it comes to generating more sales and leads.

Know Your Outcome

Before you create your landing page, you need to know what your outcome is going to be. This is true for anything in life. Whenever you go into a scenario you need to ask yourself, “What do I want out of this?” So when it comes to a landing page your outcome could be…

  • A simple response.
  • It could be getting an email address.
  • It could be getting a phone number.
  • And the most popular outcome could be simply making a sale.

When you know what your outcome is going to be from the beginning, it’s going to make your life so much easier when it comes to creating and crafting your landing page. If you’re looking to make a sale, then you probably don’t need to get someone’s telephone number. And you’re looking to generate leads, then you don’t have to focus on hard selling anything.

While this is a very fundamental aspect of creating landing pages, people make this mistake all the time and I want to make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap. So before you create your very own high-converting landing page, know what you want out of it as a result.

Make Sure What You’re Offering Is Worth It

This is actually going to be the most important aspect of creating a landing page so make sure you listen up. If you’re going to be creating any type of offer, whether it’s a lead magnet, a free download, or even a paid product? You need to make sure that whatever you’re offering is going to be worth it.

A very popular marketer once said, “You need to make sure that whatever it is that you’re offering, your audience would crawl through glass to get it.” So if it doesn’t pass that test, then you simply need to scrap it and start from square one again. The good news is that it’s very easy to do research in terms of what your target audience would want.

You can ask around in Facebook groups or even look for popular YouTube videos that focus on your specific niche. Another great way to do research is to simply look at what is selling and what is popular in your market. If a product is making a lot of sales and it’s very popular, then that means that there is a very big need for that specific offer in your niche. As I said before, this is a very big aspect of creating a high-converting landing page, so make sure that you really focus on this or you’ll be doomed from the start. It’s a business lesson that you don’t want to learn the hard way.

AB Split Test For Optimized Conversions

Lastly, I want to talk about improving your conversions when it comes to your landing pages. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing split testing. So split testing is a simple feature that allows you to test two separate landing pages while sending an equal amount of traffic to both of them.

Over time you’ll be able to easily see which one of your landing pages is going to convert the best. The good news is that this feature is very easy to utilize simply because it comes along with most landing page software, like one of them seen here. Just make sure that you send enough traffic to each landing page in order to get the best test results. An example of a good amount of traffic would be 1,000 clicks to each landing page. An example of a bad amount of traffic would be 15 clicks to each landing page, as you need many more clicks than that to get accurate data.


So there you have it, those are some of the best fundamentals when it comes to creating an efficient and effective landing page for your online business. Let’s quickly recap.

First, we talked about focusing on simplicity which means that you don’t need any type of spiffy or elegant landing page in order to make conversions. Next, you want to make sure that you know your outcome even before you start creating your landing page. After that, we talked about the most important aspect of your landing page which is to make sure that whatever it is that you’re offering, is something that your audience truly wants. And lastly, we talked about AB split testing in order to significantly increase your conversions.

Keep these four fundamentals in mind when you’re creating your landing pages, and you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

January 18, 2021
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