Tucson Sun Valley Floor Case Study

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Tucson Sun Valley Floor Case Study

When Tucson Sun Valley came to us, our team analyzed every aspect of their website and found a way to incorporate a better method that would improve results for them. We were able to provide a new site redesign for them, and made it more modern and easier to access. With easier access to the site, it allows for more customers to connect to you, and with more customers connecting, it generates more business. We were able to improve their site and by doing so, they have seen an increase in business that has been generated. 

Tangent Digital Agency wasn’t just able to provide a better website for them, we also improved their SEO work and their Ad work as well. By providing better Ad work, their company has been easier to reach than it was before. With the SEO work that we were able to provide for Tucson Sun Valley, the use of certain keywords have increased the likeliness of them appearing in online searches. With a strong SEO system in plan, you have higher chances of appearing online to key word related searches, and by doing so, you are expanding yourself to the potential for more customers down the line. 

After our team was able to gather the necessary information about Tucson Sun Valley, we knew exactly what the best plan for them would be. By providing a better SEO plan, and better Ads, they have seen business increase a significant amount since partnering with Tangent Digital Agency. We are proud of the success of our clients as it also reflects on the job that we have provided for them. We aim to reach the digital needs of our clients, and we strive to provide the best that we have to offer for them. 

Tucson Sun Valley’s numbers have improved in the time that they have been working with Tangent. Local phone calls are up by 45% meaning that they are receiving more calls thanks to the Ad work. With the SEO plan that we were able to provide for them, they have seen their website traffic skyrocket up by 200%. With the more access that they are receiving on their site, the more customers they are gaining. 

Another factor that is going for them is that the percentage of monthly leads has increased by 125%. They are now connecting to more leads, and that has generated more business for them, and that is all possible by having a strong SEO plan, and by also having a more modern website that is easy to access. The percentage of bounce rates has been lowered to 45%. Tucson Sun Valley has been one of Tangent’s many success stories. The more they continue to succeed, the more Tangent succeeds, and that is why we strive to strategize the best plans that we can. We are also constantly updating all digital aspects of the company to keep them competing in this digital modern age that we are living in.