Quotehound's Case Study

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Quotehound's Case Study

Quotehound is a fairly new client of ours that came to us in need of a digital marketing strategy. Even though we have only been working together for a short time, Quotehound has seen a vast increase of success while with Tangent Digital Agency. While working with Tangent Digital Agency, we have been able to improve their Ad work and have also come up with a proper SEO plan for them that has helped Quotehound in the long run. 

Quotehound has been striving with the partnership put in place with Tangent Digital Agency. When they came to us, their SEO work and Ad work just wasn’t providing the results that they were looking for. We analyzed their program and were able to come up with a plan that was a good fit for them. With the research that we did we were able to provide the right SEO plan for them as well as the Ad work for them as well. Tangent Digital Agency was also able to redesign Quotehound’s website and we were also able to provide their site with a more modern design. 

Tangent Digital Agency was able to provide the propers service that Quotehound’s site needed. As we continue to work together, we are able to keep providing them with updates of the latest technology that is available to us to provide the best service. As a major company in the insurance world, it is crucial that they are reaching more and more people on a daily basis so that they are able to connect their consumers with the right insurance leads. Quotehound partners up with insurance agents and companies and provides the best fitted consumers for them. Thanks to the work that Tangent Digital Agency has done for them so far, they have been able to engage with more consumers than before. 

We were able to provide them with a more modern website, and have made the site more accessible to all its users. As we continue to work with them, we will only keep providing the right tools to ensure that they are succeeding while working with Tangent. We pride ourselves in knowing that Quotehound has been succeeding with Tangent Digital Agency, and we are positive that they will only continue to grow. One main way that we have been able to provide a better SEO plan is by social media interactions. By doing daily posts online, we keep improving the SEO numbers for Quotehound, and the more use of keywords that are used, the more consumer interaction they receive. 

As Quotehound keeps growing as a company, so does Tangent Digital Agency. The success of our clients reflects on our work, and that is why we are dedicated to providing the best that we can for them. We will continue to aim for even more success in the long run, and that is a guarantee with Tangent.